Apr 25, 2021


New python library for time

You can view or create your time. How to do it? It’s very simple: Run this library:

  1. Install .zip file in github
  2. Copy file: pynumeral-main/bin/
  3. Create new folder and paste
  4. Create new (for example .py file in this folder (the folder must contain a Momenter file)
  5. Write the code to your newly opened .py file and run it, following the Momenter syntax

And importing codes

import momenter

Some methods in momenter:

momenter.nowyear() # 2021
momenter.mydate(2007, 25, 5) # 2007.25.5

This library supporting python 3.

Formatting times in momenter:

momenter.format("YYYY MM DD HH MM SS") # 2021 04 Sunday 14 20 50